Arc Welding

Arc welding is one of the main business parts of iM Robotics. We provide optimized robots and solutions such as arc robot, sensor, software, and positioner for arc welding.

Spot Welding

Spot robot has high performance in a wide range of payload and working range. Also, we cooperate with OEM and Tier1 and provide innovative robots and systems to promote car's body production efficiency.

Press Tending

Press robots can be installed on floors and shelves, and they can be used in wide working area. Also, the robots are suitable for high-speed, high-intensity environments and support customers' productivity improve.


We can automate entire process from pick and move products to shipping them on pallets. And as the weight of the objects varies, payload and working area of the robots are varied.

Machine Tending

Machine tending means Handling work, and it can accurately move parts between processes and robots. In addition, it increases a work efficiency by getting rid of unnecessary processes.


Working with exact pass range and optimum speed, and always guarantee successful outcomes. Despite the difficult environment of the painting workshop, robots provide the best performance.


Sealing robots have constant and accurate control, which is the core of sealing operation. It also maximizes work efficiency by accurately aligning the dispensing speed and sealing speed of liquids and adhesives used in the work.


Assembly robots can be used to automate tasks related to assembly of products such as automobiles, furniture, machinery, or electronics. Gripper and vision can be fitted at the end of the robot arm to assemble parts and check for abnormalities.